Isaac McKay-Randozzi - 35th North Photo Show

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Equal Distribution family member, Isaac McKay-Randozzi is part of the 35th NORTH PHOTO SHOW coming up on Thursday, June 12th, 2014 from 7-9PM (shown for one month), hosted by Amigos Skateboards.

Taylor Dunfee and Mark Oblow: May 5, 2014 "LOVE MORE"

By: Yong-Ki Chang


Taylor Dunfee and Mark Oblow are having an opening at the Attic in Long Beach, CA on May 5th, 2014 from 6-10PM. 

@markoblow  @tsdvision

Look Away: The Art Of Todd Francis 25% PROMOTION CODE

By: Yong-Ki Chang

"Look Away: The Art of Todd Francis", is now available for PRE-BOOK. Receive 25% off the cover price of $19.95 by entering code: ILOVETODD until release date.  The books are scheduled to ship this coming June so click HERE to preview and order yours today.

Todd Francis in STAF Magazine - Spain

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Todd Francis has an interview in STAF Magazine's online section of Art/Skate... in Spanish.

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Just a couple of shots of Mark Oblow's style on the board from his instagram feed.  The Vision ad below is from 1990. 

Russ Pope's, "Life Lines" at Needles and Pens 021514

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Russ Pope's opening for, "Life Lines" (and zine release) is happening at Needles and Pens in San Francisco, Saturday, February 15, 2014 from 7-9:30pm. 


Transportation Unit Decks Available at Equal Dist.

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Stoked to have some Transportation Unit in the Equal Dist Mini Skate Shop.  Mahalo's to Russ Pope and Damon at Armory Distribution

Congratulations, Bryce!

By: Yong-Ki Chang
We have a wiener! The Special Crud painting contest has been won by proud Crud tee owner, Bryce .... Congrats! He wins a slightly upsetting painting of a handsome lil' devil (shown below). Thanks to everyone who participated, and more importantly thanks to everyone for supporting Special Crud. More good stuff to come, so stay tuned you buttnuts. - @toddfrancisart 

SPECIAL CRUD Contest: Todd Francis Original Painting

By: Yong-Ki Chang

To say thanks for all the support during the launch of SPECIAL CRUD, its time for a contest.  The winner gets this signed original 5.5" x 8.5" lovable pigeon painting, (yes its true!) by Todd Francis

Here's how it's done: Order a SPECIAL CRUD tee at Equal Dist and you're automatically entered.  Another way to enter is to tag #specialcrud on a photo showing someone who'd look good in a Special Crud tee on Instagram.  Basically, we encourage you to have some fun with this and to not turn this into a selfie shooting spree.  And if you've already bought a tee, you're automatically entered too!

We'll be announcing the winner @toddfrancisart and @equaldist next Tuesday, Feb 11th.  Thanks to everyone for getting behind SPECIAL CRUD...lots more to come in the future from everyone's favorite diseased pigeon.  

Painting Size: 5.5" x 8.5"

Scumco & Sons: Rinky Dink Jr. Deluxe Ltd. #4!

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Scumco & Sons just released their Rinky Dink Jr. #4 as a complete.  It comes with Tracker Mid Tracks, Solitary Arts Black Eggs Wheels (50mm 87a), Bones Reds Bearings, Mob Griptape, and Robot Guts Hardware.  

6" x 24" board. Limited to 100 setups. 6 layers of maple with various exotic hardwood 7th layer finish. Hand-screened box.

Made in Pennsylvania.  

Todd Francis: A Year In Decks...

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Todd Francis' upcoming new book, "Look Away, The Art of Todd Francis" will be out early 2014 and was completed at the very beginning of 2013.  It'll be the first book spanning Todd's entire career from DLX to SPECIAL CRUD.  

Todd's a busy guy and this year alone, he created these graphics below for skateboarders that just missed entry into his book. Thanks, man... nice work!

Happy 2014, ya'll! - Equal Dist

He also made this hand-painted deck below (sample pig-shape made by Yuta Koide/Shakastics for the Solitary Arts/Equal Dist), which raised $400, benefiting his daughters softball team earlier in 2013. 

ATLAS SKATEBOARDING & Vans Shoe Release For Ray Barbee

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Not to be missed... Saturday, January 4th at Atlas Skateboarding

Todd Francis and Monster Children: Part 2

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Happy Birthday, Todd!  12/27/13

Todd Francis and Monster Children

By: Yong-Ki Chang

...I've caught a whole raft of shit for my suicide-themed holiday ornaments, but the perverse editors of Monster Children mag liked them enough to have me replicate the theme for their mag's home page. Thanks, @monsterchildren @equaldist - Todd Francis 

Classic Jef Hartsel!

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Mahalo, @eri_aihara!

Todd Francis: "Tis The Season..."

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Tis the Season...

Mahalo to everyone that ordered their set of Todd Francis' ornaments for the holidays.

Made with love, from your friends at Equal Dist. 


By: Yong-Ki Chang

Thanks to SLAP MAGAZINE for the SPECIAL CRUD post! 


By: Yong-Ki Chang

Thank you, Jay at STREET CANOE for the SPECIAL CRUD love!