-- Amsterdam with OK * Part Two

By: Yong-Ki Chang

FRONT L-R: Jason, Nate, Scott BACK L-R: Richard, Håkan, Nick

Our Houseboat Neighbors.

Our Houseboat “Terrace”

Airplanes Over Amsterdam

Dutch Snacks. Goodness.

-- Amsterdam with OK * Heading to Eindhoven

By: Yong-Ki Chang

We’re all heading down to Eindhoven from Amsterdam tomorrow for the opening of

Bend the Void

The Space Between Yeah and Yes

Geoff McFetridge goes solo in MU

On view from June 22 up to and including August 5

Opening: June 22, start 20.00 pm
Hours: Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 11-17, Sun 13-17

-- Amsterdam with OK

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Jason Herring (founder and owner of OK) and I flew out on Sunday and arrived safely in Amsterdam yesterday. Outside of jet-lag, we’re in excellent spirits. With the help of Håkan, Director of the Ordinary Kids Amsterdam office, OK is officially incorporated as of today, June 19th, 2007.

Jason Herring (OK の創立者であり、オーナー) と私は日曜日にアメリカを出国、昨日無事アムステルダムに到着しました。時差ぼけにも関わらず、私達はかなり元気でした。 Ordinary Kids のアムステルダムのオフィスディレクターの Håkan の助けを得て、OK は本日2007年6月19日付で公式に法人となりました。

House Boat Comfort

Jason Herring… the Lemon Smasher/Stirring Stick; So Simple & Awesome

Håkan Boqvist & Jason Herring

Jason & myself at Dam Square

-- Todd Francis' Studio/Home

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Visited Todd Francis’ place and enjoyed a warm sunny day with him in his studio and backyard. Many thanks to Todd for his involvement with the last show here at 3131 Clement and for allowing us to peek into his archive of original illustrations that made their way onto some of the most identifiable logos and graphics in skateboarding.

Todd Francis の家を訪ね、彼のアトリエや庭でぽかぽか陽気を楽しんできました。この間の 3131 Clement でのイベントへの協力のことや、スケートボード業界で最も知られるようになったロゴマークやグラフィックへ彼らを導くことになった、オリジナルのイラスト作品を私達に見せてくれたことに、Toddには本当に感謝でいっぱいです。

-- Stereo Sound Agency's New Headquarters

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Travis Jensen and I went down to visit the new Stereo Sound Agency office in Glendale. We went down to personally return the Agency’s decks and ads from the 15th Anniversary show. Just a week into their new space but you can already feel the Stereo ambiance throughout. Mahalo to everyone at Stereo for their hospitality and generosity.

Chris Pastras in his new office

Hayden and Kevin Lewis in front of their new shipping/recieving area

-- Hidehiko Fujiwara's Coverage of Junk Jam @ 3rd & Army

By: Yong-Ki Chang

-- Clement & 14th Avenue

By: Yong-Ki Chang
So, Hidehiko drives us through our neighborhood last week and shows us this mega-ramp. Or is it? We’re not quite sure what it’s for but we want to ride it. Check the construction worker on the upper right for scale.

-- Pierre's Fish of the Day

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Pierre came by on this sweltering, hot San Francisco day with today’s catch. A 12 pound Stripper. Yeah, Pierre!

-- Ferris Plock @ 3131 Clement

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Our friend Ferris Plock did an amazing job of painting the 3131 private room completely new. Folks that attended the Stereo 15 Year Anniversary opening reception got a nice glimpse into his work. Again, “Thank You” Ferris… great having you here and working with us for 3 weeks. You are full of comedic relief as well as just good company to have.

-- Ian Johnson "Moods In Free Time"

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Congratulations to Ian Johnson, who proved that regardless of his broken dominant-artistic hand (twice in the past 6 months), the world could use more beautiful works that represent what many of us find a perfect interaction between sound and art within his paintings.

Ian is awesome…

Art Adventures by: Matt Petty of the San Francisco Chronicle

-- Sakebomb * Xzibit * Solitary Arts

By: Yong-Ki Chang

The fine and talented folks at SAKEBOMB have a photo of XZIBIT and Paul with the first SOLITARY ARTS board.

-- Rip's! Nike Billboard in Shibuya, Japan

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Our friend Rip shot the photo for the Nike Billboard campaign in Shibuya, Japan.

Check out W-BASE. Awesome shop in Shibuyu with his brother Moto.

-- Geoff McFetridge & Original Stills From T.W.B.A. Video

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Took a bunch of photos from Geoff McFetridge’s new studio last week. Here’s a short montage of some of the stills from The Whitest Boy Alive video.

Signed, single-frame animation stills from the video are available for sale… contact us for details.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


By: Yong-Ki Chang
The good folks at SKATEDAILY.NET posted the upcoming show here at 3131 Clement.

Opening reception for the 15 Year Anniversary of Stereo Skateboards is on:

Saturday, April 21, 2007.

Festivities start at 7pm – 11pm.

Public Parking is available for free at the corner of Clement and 34th Avenue at the entrance towards the Legion of Honor Museum.

-- 3131 Clement Presents:
Stereo's 15 Year Anniversary Show and Celebration

By: Yong-Ki Chang

-- The Whitest Boy Alive

By: Yong-Ki Chang

The Whitest Boy Alive site has a beautiful grouping of Geoff McFetridge designed shirts and accessories along with the new album.

-- Geoff McFetridge & Whitest Boy Alive

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Geoff McFetridge’s video for The Whitest Boy Alive.

Signed, single-frame animation stills from the video are available for sale… contact us for details.

-- Ian Johnson & Straight No Chaser

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Ian Johnson once again for Straight No Chaser. This time, for the Walter Mosley article for their February issue. Hard to find but well worth the search. If you find one, let us know.

-- Greg Pnut Galinsky

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Vans has been running a plethora of goods including shoes and t-shirts with Greg PNUT Galinsky’s artwork for some time.

The newest batch pictured below includes a hang-tag boasting the www.equaldist.com URL and bio written by Yong-Ki.

-- Igloo Shop in San Diego

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Our friend, Gary of GreenLady and HunterGatherer (with Todd St. John) runs one of the best shops. If you’re in San Diego, please stop by his beautiful store and office and shop at the only place currently carrying the Solitary Arts Drifters wheels, pin sets and button packs.


-- Travis Jensen & Hidehiko Fujiwara for SF Chronicle

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Grab a copy of the San Francisco Chronicle today. Our friend Travis Jensen and Hidehiko Fujiwara both are highlighted respectively. Travis has a full article in todays Datebook section and Hidehiko has a short film on the SFGate.com site. Both are related to San Francisco skateboarding with insight from Pat Washington and Keith Hufnagel about SF’s colorful past and current street skating scene.

-- Tobin Yelland on Black Book

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Tobin Yelland’s new online Portfolio is up on Black Book.
We’re all big fans…

-- The Pierre Party

By: Yong-Ki Chang

The legendary Pierre Benitomako, our dear friend and daily visitor to 3131 Clement, is being honored at 111 Minna.

“The Pierre Party”

$5 at the door will get you in or, wear camo and get in for $2.

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

111 Minna St
San Francisco, California 94105
ph 415.974.1719

-- Jai Tanju Book Release Party & Show

By: Yong-Ki Chang

Jai Tanju is releasing his new book in San Jose this month on the 16th. The book is entitled, “With A Camera From Marc” and will be both a book release party and show. The book will also be available at lulu.com

Friday, February 16th 7-10PM

@ Black & Brown
1225 San Carlos Street
San Jose, California 95126

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-- Rip's Back In California

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Never more than 3 months in either Japan or the U.S., our friend Rip is back to SF after a week-long stay with the Girl/Chocolate family down in Torrance. While here in SF, Rip’s been riding heavily once again through the mean streets and steep hills of our beautiful city. Check-out W-BASE in Shibuya, Japan – home to Rip and brother Moto.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-- Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock @ 111 Minna

By: Yong-Ki Chang
A great way to start 2007 with Kelly and Ferris at their opening reception for Sinners and Saints on January 4, 2007. An amazing show with our favorite couple showing their individual styles as well as their seamless collaborative pieces.

The show is up until January 27, 2007 at 111 Minna Street @ 2nd.

-- Happy New Year!

By: Yong-Ki Chang
The warmest New Year to all of our friends and family. Thanks to Everyone for their support.


-- Solitary Arts By Geoff McFetridge
Available at Turntable Lab

By: Yong-Ki Chang
The remaining Solitary Arts completes are available at turntablelab.com.

Custom vintage-style skateboard designed by Geoff McFetridge. Features all 70’s inspired parts: almond-shaped deck, footprint griptape, original Geoff designed Drifters Wheels, Tracker Dart Trucks (101mm), etc. Hidden bonus feature: the risers have a have a switch to shoot out a red light. Comes completely set up. Limited to 100 pieces, with only 50 available for retail.

Deck Measures: 27 ¾” x 7 ¾” (at the widest point)
Tracker Dart Trucks (101mm)
Drifters Wheels by Solitary Arts(58mm, 87A)
L.E.D. Back Riser Light
Abec 7 Sheildless Bearings
Truss-Head Mounting Hardware

-- ArtBusiness.com Review

By: Yong-Ki Chang
ArtBusiness.com reviews the opening of the Tobin Yelland and Dennis McGrath show. It’s the 6th review on the page so scroll down and check the photos they posted.

Also, Keith Hufnagel’s blog on honeyee.com

-- Transworld and Skateboarder Mag Cover
3131 Clement Show W/ Tobin Yelland & Dennis McGrath

By: Yong-Ki Chang
Transworld Skateboarding NEWS section.

Skateboarder Mag NEWS section.