-- Our Friend, Craig Harbick

Posted by Yong Ki Chang on

Our good friend, Craig Harbick is the Sales and Production manager at ABC Board Supply. We’ve always been happy with the work that Craig does for us and appreciate the crew that caters to our needs over the past few years, building our boards.

Little did we know, Craig paints! Not only does he paint, he’s damn good too. Thanks Craig for sharing this, your first painting with us. We don’t know how Craig has the time as he is constantly working to make our lives easier through his day-job. Here is what Craig said about his artwork…

“This is my first painting on canvas and I actually didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. I drew the piece around 5 years ago and sat on it until this past August. Twenty-four hours later, it was finished. Honestly, no training or anything else. Just the desire to finish what I started based on what I thought was cool and inspiring. Before I knew it, the painting started coming to life. I kept on saying to myself, “What should I do next?” Then, something would pop in my head and I would start painting.

This piece is named “Almost Human.” In the comic book world the good guys have human eyes, “most of the time”, while their nemesis have solid colors, glowing, or black eyes. Sometimes cat-eyes or even something else. Most people will look at this piece and think the character is evil, but in contrast if you look at his eyes, they are human. In short, to represent good, even though he isn’t human. That is why I named it “Almost Human.”

僕達のよき友人であるCraig Harbick は、「ABC Board Supply」でセールスとプロダクションのマネジャーをしています。彼の仕事はいつも僕達を喜ばせてくれるし、僕達も彼や彼の仕事仲間が僕達のようなスケートボードを必要とする人の為にボードを作り続けてくれることに感謝しています。



この作品は、『Almost Human』って言うんだ。漫画の世界では、殆どいつもと言っていい位正義の味方は人間の目をしているけど、敵役は味気のない色とか、ギラギラしてるとか、もしくは黒い目をしてる。たまに猫の目をしてるものとか、なんだかよくわからないものだったりする時もある。沢山の人が僕の作品を見たときに、このキャラクターは悪役だって思うと思う。でも、逆に彼の目をよくみると、人間の目をしてるんだ。簡単に言うなら、人間ではない彼が『正義』を代表してる。だから僕は『Almost Human』と名付けたんだ。」

The piece is done with acrylic ink on a 24″ × 24″ canvas.