Igloo Store's 7th Anniversary 08/08/09

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We wished Gary Benzel, Arik Acosta and Steph Walker at Igloo a Happy Anniversary this past Saturday as they celebrated 7 years strong in San Diego’s Little Italy district. Both Geoff McFetridge and I were honored to participate and created a few exclusive Solitary Arts products, only for the Igloo Store.

Igloo had the coolest collection of product for sale for this anniversary event from a large list of designers and artists. You have to visit in-person to get the full experience.

The Solitary Arts, “JOIN US.” poster is signed (by GM) and numbered in an edition of 50, only for Igloo. Email Igloo to purchase this 18″×25″, $40 poster.

Geoff also hand-made a dozen or so shirts to coincide with the poster we did (guy in the JOIN US. poster is wearing this shirt). Again, only at Igloo and super limited front print edition

Geoff brought some deadstock, original Solitary Arts shirts (center position) that he found in the studio and brought for Igloo. OG “GM” tag. Yes, we’re super stoked on Igloo!

The opening had a healthy stream of folks meandering throughout the evening.

Alyasha Owerka-Moore, as one of the special DJ’s.

Gary Benzel, Hideki, and Geoff McFetridge

Arik Acosta… the man behind the postcard and car shade design. We wish you well in Japan, Arik

One of the other special DJ’s for the night…

Money Mark

Good vibes all night.

Gary Benzel and Alyasha Owerka-Moore

Ed Son, Alyasha, and Jason Herring outside of Igloo

Dave Ross and Ed Son

Check Edwin Himself’s site for additional photos from the opening.

Mahalo, Gary! We all had a great time!