Dave Ross' Backyard BBQ

Posted by Yong-Ki Chang on

Regardless of his busy week traveling back from Shenzen, China and jumping back into his role as president of VOX shoes, Dave, his wife Brittany and their awesome 22 month old daughter, PJ, hosted us for a backyard BBQ at their home, on our last full day in San Diego. We had a great time visiting and taking a sneak-peak into Dave’s detached studio, where it houses tons of decks that he’s done over his many years in skateboarding. Plus, lots of history regarding what he does during his personal time… see the video below this post.

Mahalo to the Ross Family!

PJ eating cherries… We fell in love with her instantly!

Dave, we borrowed your simple grilling technique and made some eggplants and asparagus last night!

PERSUE’ in his detached studio