Kenny Brimer... Fundraiser on Sept. 19, 2009

Posted by Yong-Ki Chang on

Kenny is one of my closest friends I grew up with in Hawaii. We met through skating when we were both 14 years old. Personally, one of the most consistently awesome people, both on and off the board.

“My name is Kenneth Brimer and I’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphotic Leukemia. The doctor says that I a have good chance to be elected to have stem cell transplant. You can’t believe how unexpected this is, at my age (36). I have it in me to get over this… but it seems like the fight is only half the battle. I need the fight of other people along with mine to kick this.”

“Thank you for all of the help.”
- Kenneth Brimer

Help Kenny directly by donating any amount you can for his medical expenses.
Below is a DONATE button for secure donations through the Solitary Arts and PayPal. 100% will go to Kenny. Mahalo.

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