The Land Of Plenty: The 2009 Great Skate Giveaway

Posted by Yong-Ki Chang on


THE LAND OF PLENTY has been around since 2002, and in that time they have given away hundreds of skateboards to skaters in need. Their primary program is The Board Exchange: they ask participating kids to paint a blank skateboard for the collection in return for a new deck of their own. LOP then sells these hand-painted boards to raise funds.

As it turns out, they amassed a large amount of these painted boards, and have decided to clean house. In the next two weeks they will be donating 200 hand-painted skateboard decks to skaters around the world. For this, they are asking only one thing: they need donation money to ship these boards. If you believe in the LOP, if you have ever wanted to help out, if you have ever wanted to contribute to help get skateboard equipment to children in challenged situations, this is your chance. They don’t need product, thety don’t need your time, they don’t need you to buy anything from them. All LOP needs is to raise a few hundred dollars to ship these boards to skaters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii, Apache Country, New York, Pakistan, and Thailand.

Take this opportunity to donate by visiting THE LAND OF PLENTY donation page and use the PayPal link. Feel free to send an email to and let them know who you are, and why you are down. Every dollar helps, and everyone will truly appreciate your generosity. There will be 200 kids around the world who will appreciate your help as well. Peace.

Results so far:
20 boards to LA Kids Afterschool Program
10 boards to Venice Community Day School
80 boards to Apache Country, Arizona
20 boards to Quito, Ecuador