Don Pendleton's Week In San Francisco

Posted by Yong-Ki Chang on

Juice Design invited their friend, Don Pendleton to paint the first indoor mural in their spacious studio here in San Francisco. Needless to say, Don nailed it, effortlessly.

I’m a big fan of Don, both as an artist and for simply being a rad person. Thus, I made two consecutive trips to visit him and the Juice crew before his flight back home to Ohio.
Safe travels and hope to see you soon, Don…

Mahalo to, Andrew, Matt, Brett, and Chris at Juice for their hospitality, as always.

Coffee break…
Front: Don Pendleton, Isaac McKay-Randozzi and Matt Irving
Back: Kyle Field (behind Don and Isaac)
[o] Yong-Ki (click image above for additional photos)

Andrew Paynter generously shared photographs of Don painting the mural.

[o] Andrew Paynter

[o] Andrew Paynter

A close-up detail shot of Don’s mural… [o] Yong-Ki

[o] Yong-Ki

We also went to visit Porous Walker and Ferris Plock, as part of the larger group show, Bro Palace shortly after visiting Juice.

Porous Walker and Don Pendleton

Check who is in this show at Park Life in San Francisco (until March 29th) for complete art installation.