-- Shanghai, China

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I’ve always wanted to go to Shanghai, China. So I packed my luggage and brought my skatebag as a carry-on from San Francisco to Hong Kong on a layover. From Hong Kong, en-route to Shanghai, the overzealous security at the Hong Kong International Airport took my boards and confiscated them until my scheduled return back from Shanghai. It had something to do with having a blunt object as a carry-on, even with the skatebag I used. I brought my board just to ride the largest skatepark in the world in Shanghai.

Tip: pack your boards with your luggage and check it in even if the airline says it shouldn’t be a problem.

Regardless, energy was high and things were optimistic.

Got into Shanghai, China with confidence since Matt Irving introduced me to the fine folks at FLY Streetwear and Skateshop prior to my arrival. Both Jeff (owner) and Mat were very welcoming and Mat even let me use his personal board so that I could make some turns at the skatepark.

Shanghai is amazing… Not only the food and people but the melding of old and new in every facet from architecture to fashion to western fast food joints next to some of the best local street food I’ve ever had. Here are some photos below. Thanks again to Mat, Jeff, and our Aunt June for their hospitality. We’ll be back for sure.




無事に中国は上海に到着。スケートボードは持っていなかったけど、Matt Irving が到着前すでに FLY Streetwear and Skateshop の仲間に僕を紹介してくれてたおかげでかなり落ち着いていられたと思います。オーナーの Jeff と Mat はとても歓迎してくれて、Mat はなんと自分のスケートボードまで貸してくれました。おかげであのスケートパークでスケートボードに乗ることが出来ました。

上海はもう驚くばかりです。食べ物がとか人がとかだけじゃなくて、新しい物と古い物が混ざり合って隅々にまで入りこんでるような勢い。建物も、ファッションも、ファーストフードのお店のすぐ隣に最高においしい食べ物を売っている露店が並んでいるのも、とにかくそんな感じです。写真をいくつか載せておきます。Mat や、Jeff、June 叔母さんの暖かいもてなしにもう一度感謝をこめて。僕達は必ずまたここに戻ってきます。

Mat Morgan in front of Fly in Shanghai, China

This entire rack is from Gift Skateboards out of the FLY camp. Solid wood. I rode Mat’s board (bottom MEAT deck). He also did the graphic.

Outside Fly

Across the street from our hotel. Every street was bustling

Driving (and being a passenger) here is nuts. Really… but I’d like to ride a bicycle or scooter the next time.

Breakfast. Street food is everywhere and very inexpensive

Early morning workout at the park

Selling kicks straight from the factory and off the bike

Wu Jiang Jie Street Food Market

Had to get a bowl of spicy noodles myself after seeing all the people eating it on the street

Ate this too. Boiled tempura and other fine foods

Probably the fourth meal at the Wu Jiang Jie Street Food Market. This time, some fried Sen Jian Bao. Word.

Sweet potatoes on the street… smells like heaven

Pigface… and other flayed animals I would eat.

Chestnuts roasting on a Shanghai street

At the largest skatepark in the world, Shanghai, China

Delphi sticker found

Solitary Arts sticker

2 feet of vert on this monster of a half

That’s me standing at the top of the roll-in.

Baby backside carve in the peanut bowl

Only a few skaters on this perfect day

Tommy was one of them. Everyone was super nice and Tommy spoke english. Skating speaks louder than words and the kids were ripping.