Kenny Brimer Update... April 28th, 2010

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What’s up everyone…
Just got the results back from my bone marrow biopsy. 95% of the new cells took. They would have liked 100% but they said 95% is very good. I still have 5% leukemia cells in my body, this happens…what they do now is alter my medication. A lot of the meds I’m on is to keep the new cell from working too hard because they could start to attack my skin, liver and other organs. It’s called Graft vs. Host Disease. So what happens now is that they lower my medication to make the cells work harder to kill the leukemia cells but I’ll be more at risk for Graft vs. Host. I’ll be walking a very thin line. It’s not uncommon so I’m not too worried but so much for me flying right through this. What a trip, I’ll keep you posted.

- Kenny

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