Around The World With Benjamin Deberdt

Posted by Yong-Ki Chang on

The story with these 6 photograph prints from Benjamin Deberdt started in Shanghai, China from a few years ago. We met in China on that trip, devised by our great mutual friend, Matt Irving. We worked on a huge skateboard project consisting of an artshow and a 3-day skate contest/demo called, “Skate Hype” that involved a handful of invited artists, photographers, local shredders, adidas teamsters, and a videographer. Upon completion of the exhibit in Shanghai, the installation went to the adidas center in Beijing during the Summer Olympic games and was viewed by thousands of attendees. These photo prints were to be returned to Benjamin in France upon completion of the tour but they never made it. Instead, they were sent to me here in San Francisco for some odd reason and thus, spawned this new venture between Benjamin and myself. These digital prints (edition of 10) have literally traveled around the world. They’re slightly creased at the corners and a tad bent but still the perfect example of a Benjamin Deberdt photograph. Basically, they’ve lived a little... They’re now here in San Francisco via Equal Dist., available for purchase for the very first time. Enjoy and thank you. 

- Yong-Ki