Jonah Miller in SF, via Donny Barley

Posted by Yong-Ki Chang on

Donny Barley asked if I could host Jonah Miller for a few days while he was out in San Francisco recently.  I met him at a skatepark, we rolled for a bit and ate a burrito before heading to the new office to check-out his design portfolio.  Nice work and with a recent Harvard degree and a down-to-earth attitude, Jonah seems to have that winning combination for success.  We wish you the best, from the West. 

Jonah Miller, Matt Irving, Lucas Puig, and Lem Villemin
Coffee break with Jonah, Jasha Muller, Lucas, and Matt
Jasha, amongst other professional endeavors, also co-owns Arrow & Beast in Stuttgart, Germany, where our brother, Gene from Hawaii is currently residing.