Kyle Field x Rad Records Completes

Posted by Yong-Ki Chang on

Our good friend, Kyle Field (Little Wings) has a new album out called, "Black Grass" He's playing tonight and celebrating this release at Park Life for the third opening of his on-going art show.  Curtis at Marriage Records sent 3 different RAD Records decks (Kyle's own label... decks are the same awesome shape and size with different graphics) for the Solitary Arts to build as completes.  We have only a few of these beauties with artwork by Kyle Field (two of them) and one by Nat Russell.  Check out the Solitary Arts Mini Skate Shop to purchase a complete... The decks are available directly from Marriage/RAD Records while supplies last.  

Black Grass is available on vinyl, cd and at iTunes

Built with S.A. grip, Drifters 58mm 87a's and S.A. Steely Bearings
Kyle Field designed

Nat Russell designed