Jason Herring of DualForces/Ordinary Kids

Posted by Yong-Ki Chang on

I went to visit my friend Jason Herring recently in San Francisco. Jason's the founder of Ordinary Kids and now one part of DualForces (full site launch soon).  He also helped make the Solitary Arts and Equal Dist. sites happen for Geoff and myself.  

DualForces is a newly formed creative group with studios in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Drawing from their deep experience in fashion, design and film, their philosophy rests in the concept of accessing information from multiple plateaus of culture.

Constantly exploring, gauging and informing, DualForces is able to tap into it’s influential network for inspiration, knowledge and insights. Their working paradigm focuses on freeing creative power through a deterritorialization of traditional commercial working-models, limitations and structures. 

By mixing disciplines and members specifically tailored to each project, their work ranges from story telling to product creation. From digital executions to retail envirionments. From art installations and beyond.

Jason at his studio in San Francisco.  Below, his framed Allister Lee 500 Marker Poster is up and hanging above his flat-file.