-- Cambodia - Phnom Penh & Siem Reap

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Flying into Phnom Penh…

On the 8th floor of a shopping plaza housed this hidden gem. Not a single
person was riding and after inquiring with a staff member working outside
of the fenced area, I found out it was for rollerblading but that I was
invited to try and skateboard it if one was attainable in Cambodia.
$1 for an hour or something like that.
Plans were for me to fly out to Siem Reap, so next time for sure…

Central Market was amazing. The market is split into long corridors,
circling and forming giant loops around the central main hub.

Hammocks are popular in Cambodia

Dessert Central

The tarantulas were the specialty

These girls definitely shopped in the market behind them.
Their hats are all about the Central Market.

Durians, yo. Durians.


And then it poured…
This common drenching is what makes this region so rich and green.

The Royal Palace.
King Norodom Sihamoni of Cambodia actually lives on the grounds.

The Killing Fields…

As we left the Killing Fields, we were quickly stopped to let kids cross
the street from their school yard.
All smiles, always in Cambodia. The friendliest place I’ve ever been to…

That’s right, cobras, green snakes, and scorpions in liquor.

Flew into Siem Reap, a 40 minute flight from Phnom Penh.
I filmed this short video one night while strolling through Siem Reap.
I’m walking on what I thought was a safe sidewalk. I guess scooters are allowed
wherever they can fit. Keeps you on your toes for sure!

Our first stop, seriously, not a single person in sight through most
areas outside of Angkor Wat.

Below are various temples and locales.

He was super happy just to greet us at the back entrance to this temple.
Friendly and bright kid taking a break from tending his cows.

An amazing time… be back for sure.