-- 3 Poster Prints From The Mollusk Poster Show

Posted by Yong Ki Chang on

Stopped by Mollusk Surf Shop today on my way to the office and had lunch with Serena Mitnik-Miller and John McCambridge. Thanks guys…

Also picked-up these three prints this afternoon from the Poster Show opening this past Saturday. Of course, I was thrilled to have Serena customize the print and took a few shots. John’s waves are awesome as I’ve always wanted something from Mr. McCambridge. Had to get Geoff McFetridge’s print too as it turned out superb… Mahalo’s to Mollusk for the prints and continuous support and generosity.

Limited run of 100 each at $50 per poster. I’m also thinking about getting the Kyle Field, Nat Russell, and Todd St. John prints too. Their ALL good…go check the show.

Serena Mitnik-Miller

Customized Print

Top: Serena Mitnik-Miller
Below: Geoff McFetridge
Right: John McCambridge