-- John Zorn's Bar Kokhba Book II

Posted by Yong Ki Chang on

I had a difficult decision to make regarding which performance to attend from John Zorn’s residency at Yoshi’s in San Francisco this week. They all seemed awesome. Fortunately, I picked one of the most emotionally moving and amazing evenings of live music, ever. I decided to attend the 10PM, Friday the 13th (March) performance of Bar Kokhba Book II last night and it was…perfection. I can’t believe I had the opportunity to be in a room, with 100 folks, in the only place on earth where this was happening. I’ve seen a good handful of live performances from Zorn over the years, but this was magic.

Tonight and tomorrow are the last set of four performances from Zorn’s residency. I highly recommend attending one of them as you won’t be disappointed. Thank you John Zorn… it’s been 19 years of dedication from my ears and I plan on continued listening loyalty.

John Zorn and Yong-Ki Chang