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-- Mollusk Surf Shop opens in Venice Beach

Posted by Yong-Ki Chang on

Mollusk Surf Shop opened their third location on Saturday, September 1 at 1600 Pacific Avenue in Venice Beach, California to a warm (freakin’ hot) reception from curious locals, traveling tourists, friends of friends, and close compadres.

The best way to experience Mollusk Surf Shop is to visit one of their shops personally. Simply Amazing. They have their first in San Francisco, second in Brooklyn NY, and now, Venice Beach.

John and Brett gave us the opportunity to build an in-store display for the Solitary Arts with the very first, “mini skate shop”, inside their store. All of the Solitary Arts shirts are for sale along with the last two of the original Big Red complete skateboards.

9月1日土曜日に、「Mollusk Surf Shop」 が California の Venice Beach にある 1600 Pacific Avenue に第三号店を開き、好奇心旺盛の地元の人や、旅行者、友達の友達、そして友人達から暖かな(超熱い)歓迎を受けました。

「Mollusk Surf Shop」 を直に感じてもらうには、実際にお店の一つに行ってもらうのが一番。本当に凄い。San Francisco に第一号店、NY のBrooklyn に第二号店、そして今度は Venice Beach です。

John と Brett が私達に店内の陳列棚を作らせてくれて、「Solitary Arts」 初の 「mini skate shop」 が 「Mollusk Surf Shop」 店内に出来上がりました。 「Solitary Arts」 のTシャツ全種類と、オリジナルの 「Big Red skateboard」 2つが販売されています。

Kyle, Danny & Keith, Venice Beach, California

Jeff Canham is an amazing artist/painter and he made this
corner of Venice Beach a breathing landmark once again.
Click on him waving above to see more of his work

Serena taking photos of Jeff Canham

Mollusk Surf Shop: 1600 Pacific Avenue
Venice Beach, California

John McCambridge & his daughter.
Mahalo John for all your support

Brett sitting under the spiral staircase


Indoor Treehouse by Jay Nelson

Ivy must have folded a thousand shirts for the opening
Always in good spirits

Jeff Canham was the lucky person who got to sleep in the
treehouse the night before the opening

Ivy and Danny Hess. Click on Danny in the photo
above to see the amazing boards that he shapes

Serena & Mason sitting at the cashwrap bench

Womens section. 

Johnny sitting at the cashwrap with a nice Nat Russell
piece behind him. Click the photo to read Nat Russells blog

Kyle Field reading on the recycled drum-table.
Click on Kyle reading above to view his artwork.
Little Wings!

John McCambridge artwork inside the Mollusk mini-gallery

Good friend, Kevin Lewis from Stereo Skateboards came
to visit his new neighborhood surf shop

Solitary Arts Traveler complete skateboard on display.
The Traveler is a deadstock deck, with the
center routed and the Moon graphic sticker dropped-in,
Black Eggs (wheels) and Tracker 89mm mid-track trucks

Keith is an amazing fine carpenter and built a large portion
of the shop. He scours scrap-yards within each city Mollusk
opens and reuses local materials to build the interiors.
Here, checking-out original artwork by Geoff McFetridge

Thanks to everyone at Mollusk!