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Science x Isaac McKay-Randozzi

In tribute to Stereo's Tincan Folklore, Isaac McKay-Randozzi's photo of the monument Victoria, goddess of victory from Union Square in San Francisco is the basis for his first graphic layout project via London-based company, Science Skateboards.  

Equal Dist. is the only place in the U.S. with these decks for sale. Signed and 8" or 8.125" wide decks available HERE

Isaac McKay-Randozzi's Stereo Deck and T-Shirts!

Isaac McKay-Randozzi stopped by to sign his decks exclusively for Equal Dist. 

We also have t-shirts that coincide with this second collaboration with the Stereo Sound Agency and Mr. Randozzi.  

Isaac McKay-Randozzi's Stereo x Quiet Life Release Party in SF

Those that have visited the late, 3131 Clement spot (which housed the Solitary Arts and Equal Dist.) know my love for vinyl records and more specifically, 7" picture sleeves.  Isaac McKay-Randozzi would come by to help build boards and rap about the day-to-day events while playing music on both the jukebox and various table-top players that I own.  One day, he asked to shoot a good handful of them and Stereo skateboards had the smarts to release Isaac's second round of artist-series decks.  This time, 2 decks featuring my table-top portable players and 2 shirts (one with my Prestige II jukebox).   

With help from Stereo, the Quiet Life, Lakai, Stance, the Solitary Arts, and DLX San Francisco, Isaac will be having a release party for this collaboration on Saturday, March 26, 2011, from 7-9:30PM. 

DLX SF is located at 1831 Market Street in San Francisco.  

The Quiet Life will also be releasing 2 shirts in celebration of Isaac's photographic endeavors at his event on Saturday. Congratulations, Isaac and good work with making this all happen!

We'll have exclusively signed decks and shirts on the Equal Dist. site the day after Isaac's event at DLX on Sunday, March 27th.