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Allister Lee & Tom Messenger "DESK JAZZ" July 5, 2012

“The product of egalitarian creativity, interaction, and collaboration, placing equal value on the contributions of each composer and performer”...

...that highlights the various instruments and tools we use to create within our work spaces.

That's Desk Jazz, baby.

- Allister Lee

- Tom Messenger

Opening reception is on Thursday, July 5, 2012 at Compound Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  

Allister Lee x ATLAS

I'm really stoked on the Allister Lee x ATLAS decks.  Each of the two decks in this artist series is signed and numbered in an edition of 50 and comes with an original piece of art, shrink-wrapped with each deck.  Get them at Atlas Skateboarding in San Mateo and check-out the fine installation that Allister and the Atlas crew setup in their shop. Up until March 12, 2012.  Mahalo to Allister and to Ryen, Mike and Nick at ATLAS! 

209 2nd Ave.
San Mateo, CA 94401
Tel: 650.401.7110

Decks are also available at Equal Dist., where you'll find Allister Lee's infamous 500 Marker Poster as well as original artwork inspired by his love and expertise in the dark-arts.

Talk about a well-curated skateboard shop...!  Allister Lee also designed the ATLAS shop-decks shown below. 

Color Collector's Issue 2011 Featuring Allister Lee

The new Color Magazine, Collector's issue (4 standard issues and 2 special editions a year) is in and amongst its many great photos and articles related to, "Collecting", Allister Lee tops it for me personally with his successful 500 Black Marker Poster.  I had the honor of releasing his poster this past Spring with great results and tons of appreciative fans worldwide.  Color delves a bit deeper into Allister's workspace in Toronto and his affection for black markers.  The next 5 orders will receive a copy of this Color Magazine ($7.99 newsstand price), compliments of Equal Dist.

You can still get one Allister's 500 marker poster here at Equal Dist. while supplies last.

Allister Lee's 500 Black Marker Poster

Allister Lee's iconic black-marker poster is available, March 7, 2011 via Reed Space in New York and right here at Equal Dist. in the West.  Read the press release for full details HERE and at Studio B.I.B

Now available for the first time online through both coastal venues as well as directly from B.I.Boutique in Toronto, Canada.

$35 (shipping included) comes with 42" x 32" poster on 80lb gloss poster stock + B.I.B. poster push-pins (pack of 4) + 40 page zine on newsprint with slip-cover + various sticker pack... all in one large shipping poster-tube.  
Detail of poster
Includes 40-page zine, 4 black poster-pins and stickers

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