Mark Oblow, Preparing For, "Hawaii, Stuck To Me"

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Kenny Forever... St. Louis Sesh

July 23, 2013 session for Kenny Brimer at one of Kenny's favorite spots on Oahu.  

Lawrence Warenken, Jef and Nainoa Hartsel, Brian Wyland, Shota Kubo, Ryan Toyama and filmed by Chad Hiyakamoto


[o] by Jef Hartsel

Jef Hartsel... Fourstar Hawaii and The Chrome Ball Incident

Fourstar wrapped-up their Hawaii tour via APB this past weekend and a few notable sites posted about our friend, Jef Hartsel

Jef Hartsel and Eric Koston in Hawaii over the past weekend. Click image above to view the rest of the trip photos.
You can click on the video-still above to see the Koston/Hartsel video on the Crailtap site that just went-up. Below is the OG Tim Jackson video that Hartsel sent us as reference and for us to revisit. Mahalo!
The Chrome Ball Incident on Hartsel went-up today as well. Stoked!

Fourstar at APB in Hawaii Sunday April 24th at A'ala Park

Our friends at APB Skate Shop in Hawaii will be hosting a Fourstar demo at A'ala Park on Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 4PM.