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Mark Oblow Art Auction To Benefit Philippines Relief Efforts

Mark Oblow is auctioning 3 of his original artwork on griptape to benefit our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, suffering from last Fridays typhoon Haiyan.  

Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines causing significant damage and a growing death toll, while the full extent of the devastation continues to unfold. The storm affected 4.3 million people across 36 provinces, and 1,200 evacuation centers are housing more than 330,000 people left homeless by the storm.

Philippine Red Cross volunteer-rescue and relief-teams are providing assistance in the hardest hit communities, including assisting in search and rescue efforts and distributing food and relief supplies to survivors.

Original Artwork; Multiple Stencils, Overlaid Spray-Paint on Skateboard Griptape (Mob Grip). 

100% from the sale of MOBLOW's artwork will be donated to help our friends and family.  Please join us and thank you.

Below are 3 pieces that are currently up for auction on eBay, listed under, "Mark Oblow Art: Benefit Auction for Philippine Typhoon: American Red Cross"





Todd Francis' Pig Deck... One Day Remaining For Live Auction

Click image below to go to the eBay listing to place your bid for the Todd Francis pig, up for auction for one more day to benefit his daughter's softball team.  Do it for the Coach and the kids! 

Geoff McFetridge for Venice Family Clinic Auction

Geoff made a complete setup that's part of the 60-artist-strong auction this Friday to help raise funds for the Venice Family Clinic, the largest free clinic in the U.S. The board is one of our deadstock "Travelers," full-dipped with Drifters and Mid-Tracks.

Friday, May 20, 2011 from 6 – 10 pm

Where:  Track 16 at Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Bldg C-1, Santa Monica.

Auction For Japan

We'd like to thank Osanai (Glycogen), Takashi and Junko for their commitment towards helping victims from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Osanai conducted a large auction by rallying support from many in the board-sports industry from the East and abroad.  

The Solitary Arts donated a Big Red for this auction.  

Check the Glycogen site for full details.