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LAUNCH: Community Through Skateboarding

Bob Lake's friend, Andy Weiss in Ft. Collins, Colorado just started LAUNCH, and we can't be more thankful for such a positive force in skateboarding.  

LAUNCH: Community Through Skateboarding, is a Colorado-based organization devoted to empowering individuals to better themselves and their community through skateboarding. They strive to provide an environment that fosters a culture of creativity and self-expression for skateboarders of all ages.

The Solitary Arts donated a complete Big Red to help raise funds for the upcoming ALL HANDS ON DECK event on August 5, 2011 from 6-11PM. Check-out the list of other artists who have donated for this cause, HERE.  

222 Walnut Street
Ft. Collins, Colorado 80524

Huck Magazine Issue 26

Huck Magazine's Issue 26 is out and within it's pages, you'll find an inspiration wall with Geoff McFetridge's wooden painted foot, a story on Adrian Rubi-Dentzel (Meier-Dentzel) and his Solitary Arts inspired Glass Slipper (with our Moonlights and Black Eggs). In addition, both the Piano Pinner and Big Red are featured in their double-page spread of quivers. Thanks to Rob!

Auction For Japan

We'd like to thank Osanai (Glycogen), Takashi and Junko for their commitment towards helping victims from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Osanai conducted a large auction by rallying support from many in the board-sports industry from the East and abroad.  

The Solitary Arts donated a Big Red for this auction.  

Check the Glycogen site for full details.