— Chane Wilson

Solitary Arts x ACE TRUCK MFG

As many of you know, we're proud to use ACE TRUCKS exclusively on our personal setups (Jef Hartsel, Bob Lake, Geoff McFetridge, and Yong-Ki Chang at the Solitary Arts all ride ACE's).   Today, we're honored to offer you 7 various sizes in the ACE family from 00's to 66's!  Thanks to Shrewgy and Joey Tershay for their constant support.  

Geoff McFetridge created a Solitary Arts x ACE TRUCK MFG shirt in celebration.  Handmade on 100% organic cotton shirts with water-based ink.  Fits like an American Apparel shirt but these are organic Econscious shirts that we used for this run.  Check our Mini Skate Shop for the trucks and our T-Shirt Shop for these very limited, hand-screened tee's.  

Jef Hartsel in California

Jef Hartsel flew into San Francisco and within hours of his arrival at 6AM, we embarked on a hardy breakfast, skated two spots and spent a few hours at the Solitary Arts office.  Hartsel built some setups and outside around the corner, he spotted this jukebox on the street!  I'm a huge fan of the ol' 45 rpm/7" players but this one was left for the next fortunate soul...

We met-up with Bob Lake, Aaron Hazelwood, Chane Wilson and Scott McPhearson in the Sunset district of San Francisco for an afternoon sesh in the bird-bath (first time for Harts!).  I made a quick video edit with Bob Lake and Jef Hartsel, below.