— Girl

Andy Jenkins' Bend Press #20

Dearest FOB (Friend of Bend),

Bend Zine #20, my first hand-held, pulp zine since 2001 (Bend #19), is now available through PayPal for $12.00 including postage (US & Canada).
It is a handmade, 5" x 8", full-color, saddle-stitched, signed & numbered edition. Each is an edition of only 150 printed copies.

We also have a very limited number of 
Bend Zine #19  available through PayPal for $8.00 including postage (US & Canada). 

Thanks everyone, look forward to more 
Bend publications in the near future.

- Andy Jenkins

Mini-Skate Shop: Powerslide Editions By Girl Skateboards

The Solitary Arts Mini-Skate Shop proudly stocks the Girl Skateboards, "Powerslide Edition" in 5 various shapes and sizes, all directional with even a longboard in the mix! 

Ed Templeton for Brian Anderson

Lance Mountain for Rick Howard

John Lucero for Eric Koston

Mark Gonzales for Guy Mariano

Natas Kaupas for Alex Olson

Fourstar at APB in Hawaii Sunday April 24th at A'ala Park

Our friends at APB Skate Shop in Hawaii will be hosting a Fourstar demo at A'ala Park on Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 4PM.   

Crailtap Completes in the Solitary Arts Mini Skate Shop

Geoff McFetridge and I would like to welcome, Girl Skateboards to the Solitary Arts.

We're proud to have the latest Crailtap completes available right here in our Mini Skate Shop.   

Thanks to everyone at Girl and lookout for the Powerslide decks with artwork by Ed Templeton, Mark Gonzales, John Lucero, Lance Mountain, and Natas Kaupas, coming soon to our Mini Skate Shop.