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moblow by mark oblow!

in mark oblow's own words...

i made the brand moblow, so i could make what ever i want, how i want.

i’ve been involved with surfing and skateboarding since the early 80’s, from being a sponsored rider to working retail to, working for some of the smallest core brands to some of the industries biggest. it all taught me so much, and introducing me to so many great people.

so with moblow i want to keep it personal and i want to keep it me.

the t-shirts i make will only be 150 sold of each print. keeping it very limited to a global market. but making each t-shirt or item a special piece of art.

all the products that are posted will not be remade, so when it sells out, its gone.




40+ year old deadstock decks. laser-etched original photograph, mixed media and paint

all original griptape artwork sales go directly to charities

original polaroids with mark oblow's art and additional photographs

 postcard packs available in sets of 10 different designs

Gravis and Oblow!

Mark Oblow continues to bless myself and Bob Lake with a fine collection of Gravis skateboarding footwear! Mahalo Oblow!

Oblow's custom grip for his Solitary Arts Pocket Horn... below. 

Mark Oblow in Color 9.4

Mark Oblow is featured in Color Magazine 9.4 with the fitting title of, "Mr. Mentor," along with his professional photographic endeavors via his Studio 35 (with Ryan Allan) and his current work for Gravis and Analogrespectively.  

Gravis x Jef Hartsel

Jef Hartsel just gave me the latest Gravis Spring/Summer 2012 catalog and besides the awesome shoes we all skate-in, there is one layout that stands on its own.  I scanned those images along with Hartsel's interview to share below. Thanks to both Hartsel and Oblow. Aloha!

Arto's Pool by Gravis