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Dylan Rieder - Love and Aloha, Brother...




May 26, 1988 - October 12, 2016 

These photos below were from our brother, Kenny Brimer's Celebration Of Life Memorial on Oahu, Hawaii in 2010. Mark Oblow always shared his home island with Dylan and it became his second home.  At that time, Dylan came to pay his respects with Oblow for Kenny, who passed from his own battle with Leukemia.  Dylan is and always will be an island braddah... and both he and Kenny are already ripping, Together Together.  

Mark Oblow and Dylan Rieder at A'ala Park - Photo: Yong-Ki Chang 

Mark Oblow, Dylan Rieder and Jef Hartsel - Photo: Yong-Ki Chang

Yong-Ki Chang, Mark Oblow, Dylan Rieder, and Jef Hartsel  - Photo: Sang-Hui Chong

Gene Dadoy, Yong-Ki Chang, Mark Oblow, Dylan Rieder, and Jef Hartsel - Photo: Sang-Hui Chong

EZ-RYDER with Jef Hartsel

The EZ Ryder Skateboards site has a great blog and digs deep into the culture of Jef Hartsel... one of my all-time favorite skateboarders, on and off the board.  Below are Hartsel's recent designs, showcasing his style and heritage in skateboarding as he covers all aspects of building boards; from the shape/dimensions, EZ Ryder x ACE Trucks, to his selection of OJ III wheels.  

All Roots Point To Heaven... 

Fourstar... Jef Hartsel

Speaking of Crailtap... the new Wallride came in along with the Fourstar catalog, which was shot entirely in Hawaii from a recent tour/demo they had on Oahu.  Within it's pages, a rad photo of Jef Hartsel doing a killer layback at Kuykendall!  Check out the Skate Nazi site for full details.