— Isaac McKay-Randozzi

RNYB - "Real New York Butts", The AntiPhone Zine

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The antiPhone pocket zine brought to you by Scumco & Sons' own, Nick Teodori. Curated by the one and only, Isaac McKay-Randozzi, with additional layout by, Jake Reinhart.  300 copies made for this first run of issue one, or what they call, Season 1, Episode 1 of, "Real New York Butts."

Jay Adams 1961-2014

RIP Jay Adams... 100% Skateboarder

Our last session with Jay at Arto's pool... 2011

1. Jay Adams, Jef Hartsel, Mark Oblow

2. Jay, Yong-Ki Chang

3. Jay, Bob Lake, Ed Templeton, Jef Hartsel, Dylan Reider, Gilbert Crockett, Johnny Layton

All [o]'s by: Isaac McKay-Randozzi

Isaac McKay-Randozzi - 35th North Photo Show

Equal Distribution family member, Isaac McKay-Randozzi is part of the 35th NORTH PHOTO SHOW coming up on Thursday, June 12th, 2014 from 7-9PM (shown for one month), hosted by Amigos Skateboards.

Isaac McKay-Randozzi x Prize Fighter Cutlery

Isaac McKay-Randozzi is part of Prize Fighter Cutlery‘s first photo wheel series. The series features photos by Sundays Zine's, Colin Sussingham and Prize Fighter's own, Ray Knives. Based in NYC with deep roots in city skating, PFC has become an underground favorite.  

We had them here in the Mini Skate Shop but we've already SOLD-OUT.  Get them at the Prize Fighter online shop with free shipping in the US by clicking HERE

Todd Francis in HUCK Magazine by Isaac McKay-Randozzi

Issue 39 of HUCK Magazine features an interview with Todd Francis by Isaac McKay-Randozzi.  You can order a copy, HERE.