— Isaac McKay-Randozzi

Bob Lake in Contrast Magazine Issue 10

Bob Lake's Solitary Arts ad is in Contrast Magazine Issue 10.  

Vert-Bert at St. Helena [o] by Isaac McKay-Randozzi


Under The Radar Opening, Saturday 01.26.13

Atlas Skateboarding hosted the, "Under The Radar" photo exhibit Saturday, January 26, 2013 in downtown San Mateo with a great turnout for the 8 photographers featured by Stussy and Heel Bruise respectively.  Good vibes and fine work shown by the list below...  

Thanks to Ryen and Mike and the Atlas family for bringing down our good friend, Isaac McKay-Randozzi for the opening.  

[o] 1. Ryen Motzek and Bob Lake   [o] 2. Isaac McKay-Randozzi, Tony Manfre and Brian Martinez

Isaac McKay-Randozzi's www.mydumbluck.com

Isaac McKay-Randozzi has a newly updated website with his very own blog page.  For a journalist/photographer's website, there's no better person to turn to than Isaac. Check-out www.mydumbluck.com

LIVE FREE: Group Show Featuring Lisa Romero and Isaac McKay-Randozzi at the Hellion Gallery in Portland, Oregon


Piano Pinner in Black

Isaac McKay-Randozzi and Jerry Beitzell continue their, "Skate Tested" feature with this round attacking the Solitary Arts Piano Pinner in black.  Yup, we've made our 9 ply Piano Pinner fully dipped in black and hand-screened with the same Geoff McFetridge graphic, reversed.  Included with these completes are ACE Trucks "00" as well as options for either 13" or 14" wheelbase. You also get a wheel-choice with either Black Eggs in 50mm 87a (soft) or White Yolks in 54mm 100a! (hard).  Thanks to Jerry for shredding the Pinner and to Isaac for his video/edit.  


Check more of Isaac's feature of the Piano Pinner at Color Magazine.