— Jef Hartsel

Jay Adams 1961-2014

RIP Jay Adams... 100% Skateboarder

Our last session with Jay at Arto's pool... 2011

1. Jay Adams, Jef Hartsel, Mark Oblow

2. Jay, Yong-Ki Chang

3. Jay, Bob Lake, Ed Templeton, Jef Hartsel, Dylan Reider, Gilbert Crockett, Johnny Layton

All [o]'s by: Isaac McKay-Randozzi

Classic Jef Hartsel!

Mahalo, @eri_aihara!

Kenny Forever... St. Louis Sesh

July 23, 2013 session for Kenny Brimer at one of Kenny's favorite spots on Oahu.  

Lawrence Warenken, Jef and Nainoa Hartsel, Brian Wyland, Shota Kubo, Ryan Toyama and filmed by Chad Hiyakamoto


[o] by Jef Hartsel

Jef Hartsel and Tobin Yelland

Tobin Yelland asked Jef Hartsel to go out and film a slappy session between the two of them and made this little film called, "Attacking The Lip." If you don't get stoked to go and make your own marks on a curb today after watching this, I don't know why you're here on a skateboarder's website.  So GOOD and Mahalo's to both Hartsel and Tobin. 


EZ Ryder Koa Complete By Jef Hartsel and Jay Adams

By far the best and most thought-out complete I've seen built. From the minds of Jef Hartsel and Jay Adams, this EZ Ryder complete is made with Koa wood, which is indigenous to Hawaii (now, pretty much only on the Big Island). With rich reds and browns, Koa has been coveted for centuries by Hawaiians. Pressed with love and built for perfection, this deck is a 4-stringer with 9 laminates and comes complete with sand casted aluminum trucks (hand-painted black and red by Jef Hartsel at his studio), 45mm 2-tone clay composite wheels, Abec 7 shieldless bearings and stainless steel mounting hardware (traditional and not drilled through the deck). 

Length: 25"
Width: 6"
Wheel-Base: 14.625"
Nose: 3.625"
Tail: 3.625"

These EZ Ryder Koa Completes are from the "Product Of Design" exhibit in Los Angeles and were specifically for the Mini Skate Shop. Only a handful of these even exist.  Total made, 50 completes.  Every board is hand-built by Jef Hartsel.  When you purchase one of these completes, know that all funds go back directly to Jef Hartsel and not a wholesaler or distributor, but directly back to the craftsman. Get 1 of the last 5 that Hartsel saved for the Mini Skate Shop. Mahalo...