— John Cardiel

John Cardiel - The OG Solitary Arts Moon Shirt

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John Cardiel!  Stoked and Honored! 

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All Hail Cardiel... The Solitary Arts Moon Shirt

All Hail Cardiel...!  

John Cardiel wearing the 'ol Solitary Arts shirt I made years ago! 

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Contrast Magazine Issue 06

The new Contrast Magazine, Issue 06 was sent down to Geoff McFetridge's studio in Atwater Village while the Solitary Arts was in Los Angeles for A Product Of Design show this past September 17th (show runs until October 8 at SCION Installation LA).  Within this issue's contents, the new Solitary Arts, Curb Thief sequence-ad, along with a John Cardiel interview, an article with Solitary Arts rider and EZ-Ryder owner, Jef Hartsel, and a piece on Rene Matthyssen with a sticker-collection ad for his FITTED brand as the last two pages of this latest issue from editor, Mark Kushimi.  Mark is part of the Solitary Arts family with photograph prints of Jef Hartsel at A Product Of Design exhibition.  

HUCK Magazine with John Cardiel and Tommy Guerrero

Thanks to Rob at The Church Of London for the subscription to HUCK Magazine!  Rob's been supportive of the Solitary Arts from the beginning and we've been supportive of what he does in London for years.  The first issue delivered couldn't have started better! A John Cardiel cover with a 13 page editorial and interview! It's worth getting your own subscription as this issue also features our friends, Tommy Guerrero, interviewed and photographed by Benjamin Deberdt. You can find more photo prints from Benjamin on this Equal Dist. site for further inspiration.