— Kenny Brimer

Dylan Rieder - Love and Aloha, Brother...




May 26, 1988 - October 12, 2016 

These photos below were from our brother, Kenny Brimer's Celebration Of Life Memorial on Oahu, Hawaii in 2010. Mark Oblow always shared his home island with Dylan and it became his second home.  At that time, Dylan came to pay his respects with Oblow for Kenny, who passed from his own battle with Leukemia.  Dylan is and always will be an island braddah... and both he and Kenny are already ripping, Together Together.  

Mark Oblow and Dylan Rieder at A'ala Park - Photo: Yong-Ki Chang 

Mark Oblow, Dylan Rieder and Jef Hartsel - Photo: Yong-Ki Chang

Yong-Ki Chang, Mark Oblow, Dylan Rieder, and Jef Hartsel  - Photo: Sang-Hui Chong

Gene Dadoy, Yong-Ki Chang, Mark Oblow, Dylan Rieder, and Jef Hartsel - Photo: Sang-Hui Chong

Following around Hawaii's very own Sean Reilly to find out why he stays on the islands to pursue a life of skateboarding


photo of sean reilly's shin of kenny's artwork - posted on april 19, 2012 - @ykc

check out sean's ig @shitty_kids

Kenny Forever... St. Louis Sesh

July 23, 2013 session for Kenny Brimer at one of Kenny's favorite spots on Oahu.  

Lawrence Warenken, Jef and Nainoa Hartsel, Brian Wyland, Shota Kubo, Ryan Toyama and filmed by Chad Hiyakamoto


[o] by Jef Hartsel


EZ Ryder (Jef Hartsel and Jay Adams' Skateboard Company) and DISSIZIT (SLICK) got together to release these gems for their new collaboration.  

Photos of Sean Reilly and Jef Hartsel at Baby-Zones in Salt Lake, Hawaii...

For complete photo-sets from this session, visit EZ RYDER x DISSIZIT and EZ RYDER x DISSIZIT 2

Kenny Brimer... Lenny Blaze

Mahalo to Sean Kelling for making the, "Lenny Blaze" t-shirt and sending a batch my way. These shirts are in memory of Kenny Brimer, aka "Lenny Blaze."  Sean took this photo of Kenny in 2000 in Honolulu, Hawaii and took it upon himself to print these shirts up.  I saw Jordan this past weekend in Culver City and he was proudly wearing his. 

[o] 2006, Autumn Bowl, NYC; L-R Chane Wilson, Kenny Brimer, Sean Kelling, Andy Henrie, Larry Warnken, and Chad Hiyakumoto