— Mark Kushimi

Bob Lake in Contrast Magazine Issue 10

Bob Lake's Solitary Arts ad is in Contrast Magazine Issue 10.  

Vert-Bert at St. Helena [o] by Isaac McKay-Randozzi


Mark Kushimi at Human Imagination Feb. 3, 2012

Mark Kushimi has an opening at the Human Imagination in Honolulu, Hawaii featuring photographs of Jef Hartsel (that's Hartsel riding his EZ Ryder Koa complete below) amongst other notables.  Mark was part of the Solitary Arts, "A Product Of Design" show in Culver City last September.  If you're in Hawaii, please check out his opening and say, "Hello" to Mark for us in person! You can also see what Mark does on his day-to-day as the Editor-in-Chief over at Contrast Magazine

Contrast Magazine 07

Mark Kushimi sent a stack of the latest Contrast Magazine, issue 07 and within its pages, a full-page Solitary Arts ad, along with a double spread of Jef Hartsel (holding his EZ-Ryder Koa Complete) and an editorial-photo of Connor McGivern, who's rocking the SA Moon sticker on his top-deck. Mahalo to Kushimi!

Closing: Saturday, Oct. 8 at Scion Installation L.A.

Thanks to Christopher and Kathleen Sleboda, curators under the name, Gluekit for their time, effort and care, towards everyone involved with A Product Of Design show.  Below is a catalog of sorts, of each of the Solitary Arts family's pieces in the show.  Good sales on opening night but tomorrow is the very last day so check it out if you're in the area. 

SCION Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Avenue (At National)
Culver City, CA 90232

Thanks to Michael Hsiung for the shots of the artwork in the gallery.  

Contrast Magazine Issue 06

The new Contrast Magazine, Issue 06 was sent down to Geoff McFetridge's studio in Atwater Village while the Solitary Arts was in Los Angeles for A Product Of Design show this past September 17th (show runs until October 8 at SCION Installation LA).  Within this issue's contents, the new Solitary Arts, Curb Thief sequence-ad, along with a John Cardiel interview, an article with Solitary Arts rider and EZ-Ryder owner, Jef Hartsel, and a piece on Rene Matthyssen with a sticker-collection ad for his FITTED brand as the last two pages of this latest issue from editor, Mark Kushimi.  Mark is part of the Solitary Arts family with photograph prints of Jef Hartsel at A Product Of Design exhibition.