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Todd Francis', "Dirty Dozen" Pigeon Collection Available Now!

Curated by Yong-Ki Chang and exclusively for Equal Dist, the Dirty Dozen painting collection by Todd Francis is available now.

There are 12 Pigeons, each 5" x 7" with ink and watercolor on paper stock. 

Signed by Todd Francis with his studio signature, "T" and listed at $500 per piece.  

Perfect for the holidays! 





Todd Francis for Monster Children - National Learn To Swim Day

Todd Francis does a monthly random holiday piece for Monster Children that started last month with, "International Save The Elephant Day." 

The month of May (today, the 16th specifically) is for, "National Learn To Swim Day." 

Todd Francis for Monster Children - Weird Monthly Holiday

Todd Francis has been asked to submit a monthly drawing for Monster Children Magazine (online) with a weird holiday submission.  For the first installment, Todd worked on the important April 17th date with, "Save The Elephant Day." 


Summer Interviews w/ Todd Francis

VICE, Monster Children and Jenkem with Todd Francis.

Click on each of the three headers below to read the interviews. 



Todd Francis and Monster Children: Part 2

Happy Birthday, Todd!  12/27/13