— Platipus

Zarosh Eggleston's Broken Heart and Platipus Pool Decks in the Mini Skate Shop

I'm stoked to have Zarosh Eggleston's Death Skateboards Pro-Model, "Broken Heart" in a pool size/shape along with his Platipus, "Nuclear Boobs" deck.  Platipus is Zarosh's board-screening shop that finances his DIY creation, Cachagua Land project.  100% Skateboarder.

Zarosh designed this board at 32.875" x 9" for both decks along with the artwork for the Platipus model and for the first time, a colored red heart for his, "Broken Heart" graphic with artwork originating from a linoleum block print by Chris Bourke.  

..."this is the first time that I've done a custom shape for Platipus, and I'm especially stoked to have such a functional shape." - Zarosh

You can find both decks, ready to ship for $60 (price includes shipping in US), in the Mini Skate Shop. Worldwide shipping is always available too. Thank you!