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Order Porous Walker's New Book, "Fine Sketch Vol. 100."

Porous Walker has a new book and you should order one now. His previous releasees sold out in a few days so do yourself a favor and head over to and order yours along with some other fine offerings.

Thanks to @nigelpeppercock for animating some of my drawings!

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Porous Walker x Tom Sachs x Satan Ceramics - Juxtapoz

Porous Walker... TWIXT SC. 83 Friday, 01/13/12

My good friend, Porous Walker (Jimmy DiMarcellis) is 1/3 of the art department for Francis Ford Coppola's latest film, TWIXT.  

For TWIXT sc. 83, members of Twixt’s tiny tiny Art Dept, (Jimmy DiMarcellis, David Hopp, and John Paul Goorjian) will be rebuilding the set of the film’s dramatic climax sequence, scene 83. The center of the gallery will feature a remake and stand-alone installation of the film’s clock tower, shown in the film as an impromptu 3D experience.  Also on display from Twixt, will be bat and birdhouses from Nice, California artist John Hathaway, whose front yard/gallery/shop “The Woodpecker”, was a key set in the film. TWIXT sc. 83 will also feature a series of other pieces from the film’s set department that were found around different locations in Northern California and in the Coppola archives, as well as behind the scenes and set photography by the film’s executive producer, Anahid Nazarian and Set Photographer, Kalman Mueller. The gallery will run trailers of the film, along with other enhancements to bring Twixt’s horror scenes to life.