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Photos from Isaac McKay-Randozzi's Board/Shirt Release

Checkout photos from Isaac McKay-Randozzi's opening at DLX in San Francisco from this past Saturday's release party over at Color Magazine.  Congratulations, Isaac! Nice one!  

[o] Isaac McKay-Randozzi

Isaac McKay-Randozzi's Stereo Deck and T-Shirts!

Isaac McKay-Randozzi stopped by to sign his decks exclusively for Equal Dist. 

We also have t-shirts that coincide with this second collaboration with the Stereo Sound Agency and Mr. Randozzi.  

The Dish in San Francisco 03.05.11

We had a great time out at the Dish in Bayshore/Hunter's Point this past weekend for the Park 94124 clean-up of Hilltop Park. Thanks to Bob Lake for the rejuvenation-session in his neighborhood at this classic San Francisco skate spot.   Also, thanks to the great folks at Park 94124 for their hospitality and show of pride for their beautiful park.

Above: Jason Rickson, Bob Lake, Roger, and Jason Herring

Black Grass Release & 3rd Kyle Field Opening

03/03/11: the 3rd opening for Kyle Field at Park Life.  Kyle's release of his Little Wings, "Black Grass" album with live performance, scheduled 3rd on the bill. It's the magic number... 

The fourth and final opening of their Space Cake show is next Thursday with Tommy Guerrero and Monte Vallier (two bass, face off!) closing out the show.    

Kyle with his Black Grass LP, signed for me. Mahalo.
... with Simone Rubi of the Rubies