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Mahalo to Jason at MONSTER CHILDREN for the front page post today!  

Bob Lake in Contrast Magazine Issue 10

Bob Lake's Solitary Arts ad is in Contrast Magazine Issue 10.  

Vert-Bert at St. Helena [o] by Isaac McKay-Randozzi


Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts for Bob Lake Collection

Flyin' the Flannel...! or what Bob might say..."!@^%!&*"

I'm very proud to work with Anthony Masters and his family at Taylor Stitch for the Bob Lake Collection. Today marks the first launch of Bob's flannel-lined project jacket (perfect for San Francisco and other climates which require something in-between a coat and a shirt) and an accompanying set of 13 ounce flannel-lined jeans. Support the handmade and those that have a passion for learning and creating quality products with quality people. 

Mahalo guys for making this happen to one of the best skateboaders, on and off the board... 

Video above and all photographs by Anthony Masters.  All graphic assistance by Mikey Armenta. Bob Lake shown below in his project jacket and jeans. 

Mark Kushimi at Human Imagination Feb. 3, 2012

Mark Kushimi has an opening at the Human Imagination in Honolulu, Hawaii featuring photographs of Jef Hartsel (that's Hartsel riding his EZ Ryder Koa complete below) amongst other notables.  Mark was part of the Solitary Arts, "A Product Of Design" show in Culver City last September.  If you're in Hawaii, please check out his opening and say, "Hello" to Mark for us in person! You can also see what Mark does on his day-to-day as the Editor-in-Chief over at Contrast Magazine

Don Pendleton and "The Jaws Of Life - Lamentations On Loss"

Don Pendleton currently has a show... at his site of paintings he's recently completed under the title, "The Jaws Of Life - Lamentations On Loss." 27 amazing pieces for the show are for sale with details available here.  

Don's been one of the most supportive folks out there for the Solitary Arts and I can't thank him enough! - Yong-Ki 

Below, a selection of photos of Don wearing various S.A. shirts. Mahalo!