— Steve MacDonald

Steve MacDonald, the Ramblin' Worker

Steve MacDonald sent this care-package below, days after my head-snapping concussion.  Steve was the only guy present when it happened and had front-row seats since he was on the top-deck.  Damn pool coping... love it but unforgiving, as it should be!  Thanks to Steve for the ABC ramp print, the all-over quarter-pipe shirt and the sticker/button pack.  I'm almost back, Steve... we'll sesh again soon. Mahalo!

Anthony Masters came by the SA office yesterday with a Steve MacDonald designed tattoo adorned on his forearm.  I saw it before when he first got it but only made the connection when I saw Steve's setup below. I took the photo of Steve's board the day of the smack-down.  Thanks to both guys for allowing me to connect the dots, again...