— Tis The Season For Suicide

Todd Francis Ornament Contest On Instagram

Todd Francis has a contest on Instagram! 

For the next four weeks, you've got a chance to win a free set of my, "Tis The Season For Suicide" ornaments, available now through EQUALDIST.COM... Just link me a holiday image you think I'd like, (funny, sad, objectionable) by slapping a @toddfrancisart on it and you're entered to win.  Will announce the first winner right around the time your turkey day diarrhea has subsided.  Hope to it!  - Todd Francis @toddfrancisart

[o] by Colt Cannon

Todd Francis in Monster Children Issue 036

Monster Children Issue 036 has a 7-page interview with Todd Francis, starting on page 84.  In addition to his interview, MC wrote-up a little review for the 4-set, "Tis The Season For Suicide" ornament series made exclusively for Equal Dist.