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Mark Oblow x The Kills x Impossible Project

Mark Oblow was asked to photograph The Kills and their fans for their, "Under The Gun" project supporting their new album, "Ash & Ice."  They ran a contest where 15 lucky folks received a tattoo courtesy of Mark Mahoney and his Shamrock Social Club.  Watch the video below and a selection of the Impossible Project photographs that Oblow took.  For all of the photographs taken that day, click HERE.  Thanks to everyone for the hospitality at this event.  Special thanks to Tiffany at Monotone Inc






Bob Lake... My Favorite Skateboarder - Session: May 28, 2016


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Benjamin Deberdt/Mark Gonzales "Le Cercle"

Photographer, Benjamin Deberdt's book with Mark Gonzales is now available at EQUAL DIST. 

Edition of 500

52 Pages

Music by: Tommy Guerrero from the album, "From The Soil To The Soul" available here in the Solitary Arts Music Shop

Color Magazine 9.2

Color Magazine issue 9.2 just arrived and within its awesome issue, I found a few gems to share via photos-while-holding-the-mag shots. 

It's the music issue and Geoff created a new full-page Solitary Arts ad for it.  In addition, page 32 has an editorial on Isaac McKay-Randozzi's 2nd collaboration (and four decks deep) with the Stereo Sound Agency. Decks and t-shirts available HERE.  The Stacks Mushroom cruiser is featured on page 43 and available in the Solitary Arts Mini Skate Shop as well as Tommy Guerrero's latest album, "Lifeboats and Follies." 

Watch the Color 9.2 commercial by clicking HERE or the image above