— Yong-Ki Chang

Solitary Arts Summit at Champion Studio

Bob Lake and myself drove down from the bay to visit Geoff and his excellent assistant, Aaron Carretti (diggin' the hair, Aaron!) at Geoff's Champion Studio in Atwater Village.  The Solitary Arts Spring Summit ended with a skate session near Geoff's studio before we headed down to the ProTec Pool Party later that evening (Big Mahalo to Ed Son!).  We can't wait for the next SA Summit since our new Solitary Arts rider will hopefully be joining us!  

[o]'s by Yong-Ki 

Auction For Japan

We'd like to thank Osanai (Glycogen), Takashi and Junko for their commitment towards helping victims from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Osanai conducted a large auction by rallying support from many in the board-sports industry from the East and abroad.  

The Solitary Arts donated a Big Red for this auction.  

Check the Glycogen site for full details.  

Color Magazine 9.2

Color Magazine issue 9.2 just arrived and within its awesome issue, I found a few gems to share via photos-while-holding-the-mag shots. 

It's the music issue and Geoff created a new full-page Solitary Arts ad for it.  In addition, page 32 has an editorial on Isaac McKay-Randozzi's 2nd collaboration (and four decks deep) with the Stereo Sound Agency. Decks and t-shirts available HERE.  The Stacks Mushroom cruiser is featured on page 43 and available in the Solitary Arts Mini Skate Shop as well as Tommy Guerrero's latest album, "Lifeboats and Follies." 

Watch the Color 9.2 commercial by clicking HERE or the image above

Flush The Fashion Interview

Flush The Fashion, in Norwich U.K., recently posted an interview with Yong-Ki Chang about the Solitary Arts.

Crailtap Completes in the Solitary Arts Mini Skate Shop

Geoff McFetridge and I would like to welcome, Girl Skateboards to the Solitary Arts.

We're proud to have the latest Crailtap completes available right here in our Mini Skate Shop.   

Thanks to everyone at Girl and lookout for the Powerslide decks with artwork by Ed Templeton, Mark Gonzales, John Lucero, Lance Mountain, and Natas Kaupas, coming soon to our Mini Skate Shop.