Isaac McKay-Randozzi: Staired Window, 2006

$ 80.00

This building is across the street from my work. Built by Henry J. Kaiser in Oakland, near Lake Merit. It has a small park on the 3rd floor so office workers can have lunch in the grass.

- Isaac McKay-Randozzi

Isaac Mckay-Randozzi’s career as a photographer and journalist started in 2001 when he linked up with the website Fecal Face Dot Com, a San Francisco-based online art community. He quickly established himself as a personality on the site, where he conducted frequent artist interviews, art show reviews, PR/marketing and show hanging duties, among other contributions. Using cameras that were cutting edge technology when he was born he works as a freelance photographer and writer. Over the years, his photography and words have appeared in a handful of publications, including +1 Magazine (England), Hamburger Eyes Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Slap Magazine, The Skateboard Mag., Color Magazine (Canada), STAF Magazine (Spain) and Thrasher Magazine, among others. Aside from print and pixel, his photos have also appeared on skateboards and tee shirts. He also served as a curator for a few art shows in the U.S. and one in Canada. For more on his photography, check out

Staired Windows, 2006 

Edition of 4


Dimension: 8″ × 10″