· Empowering artistic talent through authentic skateboarding roots, the mission at EQUAL DIST is to curate, nurture, and propel creative individuals towards their goals as successful artists.  A skateboarder-owned company started in 2004, blending culture with artist and talent management, retail and online sales, and an expansive curatorial resume, YONG-KI CHANG's goal is to champion diversity and innovation within the arts, creating connections that bridge the gap between skateboarding and art. 


 · Founder of THE SOLITARY ARTS (2005 - 2015) with artist and graphic designer, GEOFF MCFETRIDGE as Art Director.

 · Co-owner of SPECIAL CRUD with artist TODD FRANCIS in 2013, focusing on Todd's iconic pigeon (antihero skateboards).

 · Founder and curator of 3131 CLEMENT GALLERY in San Francisco, California (2006 - 2010).

Porous Walker Together Together Yong-Ki Chang RVCA ANP San FranciscoClement Cement 3131 Clement Gallery · Ando Caulfield, Ian Johnson & Travis Jensen aka SF Masher
Tobin Yelland 3131 Clement Gallery
Dennis McGrath Postcard 3131 Clement Gallery


Stereo 15 Postcard 3131 Clement Gallery
Todd Francis Postcard 3131 Clement Gallery