Black Eggs 50mm 87a Deadstock Wheels

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The second wheel I designed were the Black Eggs in 2007. I made a few batches of these over the years. Straight-cut sidewalls (like the ones shown here) to rounded walls but always 50mm 87a duro with a center white core. It was designed with a nod to riding small wheels back in the day and specifically, when you were just into cruising or filming (soft & quiet). 

I made them with Geoff McFetridge when we did the Solitary Arts for the Traveler (2007), Pocket Horn (2008) and Piano Pinner (2009) completes and was honored to do projects with Undefeated, Art Comes First and Scumco & Sons featuring these Black Eggs.

I found a small batch of them recently, sent a few sets to friends (check your mail) and put the rest up on the site.

Enjoy and thank you for your genuine support over the years. You know who you are and I appreciate you.

I'll include some extra stickers and shipping is included in the US. 


- Yong-Ki Chang